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Welcome to Shopbot's Baby Toys category! Here, you will find a wide selection of toys for babies of different ages and genders. Tents, plush dolls and fun baby puzzles are available from companies such as Fisher-Price, Chicco and Tiny Love. By reading our buying guides and comparing prices using Shopbot's tools, you can make sure that you are acquiring a product that is safe, fun and easy on your pocket! Happy shopping! Read Buying Guide
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    1. Tolo Teething Shapes Rattle (AVI-1-TO-86400)
    2. Tolo Teething Shapes Rattle (AVI-1-TO-86400)

      Tolo Teething Shapes Rattle13cm x 6cm x 8cm (L/W/H) / 80039Soothe baby's teething stage with these supple, textured shapes. The lemon and lime ring... Tolo Teething Shapes Rattle (AVI-1-TO-86400)

    3. R70,00
    1. Tolo Roller Rattle (AVI-1-TO-89170)
    2. Tolo Roller Rattle (AVI-1-TO-89170)

      Tolo Roller Rattle6.9cm x 8.9cm x 8.9cm (L/W/H) / 89170    A colourful ball with a pleasing rattling sounds.    Baby's first experience of... Tolo Roller Rattle (AVI-1-TO-89170)

    3. R90,00
    1. Tolo Twist & Turn Rattle (AVI-1-TO-86445)
    2. Tolo Twist & Turn Rattle (AVI-1-TO-86445)

      Tolo Twist & Turn Rattle8.8cm x 5.5cm x 11cm (L/W/H) / 86445    Colours, shapes and textures.    Twist it, turn it, watch it rock to and... Tolo Twist & Turn Rattle (AVI-1-TO-86445)

    3. R95,00
    1. Tolo Crazy Eyed Bird (AVI-1-TO-89679)
    2. Tolo Crazy Eyed Bird (AVI-1-TO-89679)

      Tolo Crazy Eyed Bird6.7cm x 11.6cm x 13cm (L/W/H) / 89679    Our Crazy Eyed Bird will make everyone laugh!    Move-able eyes can be... Tolo Crazy Eyed Bird (AVI-1-TO-89679)

    3. R115,00

      Features a chime bell, hanging clip, crinkly balloon and multiple textures to develop tactile abilities. Attach the Ballooner Chime Bell to pram or... YOOKIDOO BALLOONER CHIME BELL (IDT-004916)

    3. R140,00
    1. Tolo Mobile Phone (AVI-1-TO-89111)
    2. Tolo Mobile Phone (AVI-1-TO-89111)

      Tolo Mobile Phone8.4cm x 12cm x 15.8cm (L/W/H) / 89111    Easy to use, baby's first phone.    Spinning drum, clicking switch, squeaky... Tolo Mobile Phone (AVI-1-TO-89111)

    3. R170,00
    1. Tolo Bathtime Water Slide (TO-89530)
    2. Tolo Bathtime Water Slide (TO-89530)

      Tolo Bathtime Water Slide28cm x 13cm x 14cm (L/W/H) / 89530    Three great characters.    Colour matching and shape sorting.    Watch the... Tolo Bathtime Water Slide (TO-89530)

    3. R185,00
    1. Tolo Stacking Activity Shapes (AVI-1-TO-89420)
    2. Tolo Stacking Activity Shapes (AVI-1-TO-89420)

      Tolo Stacking Activity Shapes8.5cm x 8.5cm x 21.5cm / 80041Shake, Rattle and Roll with this fabulously fun filled stacker. In four parts, these... Tolo Stacking Activity Shapes (AVI-1-TO-89420)

    3. R195,00
    1. B Toys ONE TWO SQUEEZE (IDT-006039)
    2. B Toys ONE TWO SQUEEZE (IDT-006039)

      Ten 1-to-10 blocks for one you. Friendly animals & numbers 1 to 10 Hand-sculpted relief pictures grace every side of every block Stackable... B Toys ONE TWO SQUEEZE (IDT-006039)

    3. R220,00
    1. B Toys POPPITOPPY- TANGERINE (IDT-006047)
    2. B Toys POPPITOPPY- TANGERINE (IDT-006047)

      Pop. Bop. Pop. Bop. Will you push it once or will you push it 100 times? Press her head & the balls pop like wild B Toys POPPITOPPY- TANGERINE (IDT-006047)

    3. R230,00
    1. Tolo Roly Poly Chiming Clown (AVI-1-TO-89340)
    2. Tolo Roly Poly Chiming Clown (AVI-1-TO-89340)

      Tolo Roly Poly Chiming Clown13.5cm x 10.3cm x 16cm (L/W/H) / 89340    Roly poly action.    Musical chime.    Spinning head.    Swinging... Tolo Roly Poly Chiming Clown (AVI-1-TO-89340)

    3. R250,00
    1. Tolo Classic Drum (AVI-1-TO-89651)
    2. Tolo Classic Drum (AVI-1-TO-89651)

      Tolo Classic Drum/ 89651    Double sided drumming fun.    Two sides can be separated and played with at the same time.    Drum has two... Tolo Classic Drum (AVI-1-TO-89651)

    3. R250,00
    1. Tolo Electronic Cash Register (AVI-1-TO-89240)
    2. Tolo Electronic Cash Register (AVI-1-TO-89240)

      Tolo Electronic Cash Register18cm x 18cm x 20cm (L/W/H) / 89240    Credit card swipe, complete with credit card.    Coloured lights flash... Tolo Electronic Cash Register (AVI-1-TO-89240)

    3. R255,00
    1. Tolo Classic Accordion (AVI-1-TO-89654)
    2. Tolo Classic Accordion (AVI-1-TO-89654)

      Tolo Classic Accordion/ 89654    2 wide, pliable handles to secure baby's hands in place    Turn the end and the notes change!    Safe for... Tolo Classic Accordion (AVI-1-TO-89654)

    3. R300,00
    1. B Toys BAZILLION BUCKET (IDT-006045)
    2. B Toys BAZILLION BUCKET (IDT-006045)

      10 stacking buckets. A bazillion times better than one! Build them big to small, or small to big Stack up & knock down For the beach, the bath, the... B Toys BAZILLION BUCKET (IDT-006045)

    3. R300,00
    1. Tolo Pop Up Dinosaurs (AVI-1-TO-89200)
    2. Tolo Pop Up Dinosaurs (AVI-1-TO-89200)

      Tolo Pop Up Dinosaurs28cm x 15cm x 15cm (L/W/H) / 89200    Four different ways to pop-up the baby dinosaurs!    Easy to use.    Helps with... Tolo Pop Up Dinosaurs (AVI-1-TO-89200)

    3. R310,00
    1. Tolo Musical Shape Sorter (AVI-1-TO-89180)
    2. Tolo Musical Shape Sorter (AVI-1-TO-89180)

      Tolo Musical Shape Sorter20.3cm x 6.3cm x 20cm (L/W/H) / 89181    Plays four different melodies.    Animal sounds.    On/off switch.   ... Tolo Musical Shape Sorter (AVI-1-TO-89180)

    3. R315,00
    1. B Toys WHEEEEE-IS (IDT-006043)
    2. B Toys WHEEEEE-IS (IDT-006043)

      Pull them back and let goooooooooooooooo! 4 chunky vehicles Perfect for little hands Car rings Truck chimes Racer rattles Taxi squeaks No batteries... B Toys WHEEEEE-IS (IDT-006043)

    3. R445,00
    1. B Toys YOU TURNS (IDT-006050)
    2. B Toys YOU TURNS (IDT-006050)

      You’re in the driver’s seat now. (Okay, when weren’t you?) Turn left, turn right. Steer your little car all around the B. town. You’ll... B Toys YOU TURNS (IDT-006050)

    3. R460,00