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Nothing beats watching a large screen TV with the crispest and clearest pictures being displayed on the screen. You will be amazed when you come to know about the almost obscene amounts people spend on buying their TVs. No, you don’t need to spend out of your budget to get a fantastic TV – even when you plan to buy a plasma TV, you can do that well within your budget. Plasma TVs have largely been taken over by LCD and LED TVs, but they still sell in large numbers. What to look for in a plasma TV? This guide should tell you that.


51-plasma_tv_LGChoosing your Plasma TV


Plasma TV v LCD / LED TV

Everyone talks about LCD and LED TVs these days because the black levels in these TVs is better. But a plasma TV doesn’t have faded blacks that can happen due to the viewing angles in the LCD and LED TVs. The contrast ratio in plasma TVs is also better than the modern TVs with LCD and LED technology. You should also opt for a plasma flat screen TV because of better colour accuracy, better display in low light, faster response time and lack of dependency on viewing angles. And of course, you pay much less for a plasma TV than what you pay for an LCD or LED TV.


Screen resolution of plasma TVs

As far as screen resolution is concerned, you should only settle for those plasma TVs with 1080p resolution at the least. More screen resolution means more pixels and better and sharper pictures on the screen. You can still find plasma TVs that have screen resolution of 720p, but when you compare with a 1080p plasma TV, the difference can be clearly seen.


Choose the screen size as per the size of your room

The size of the screen should also decide which plasma TV you should buy. While most of us love those large screen TVs, it is also important to calculate the size of the room where the TV is going to be placed. For a large screen TV, you need considerable distance from your position to the screen. Otherwise, that special effect of a large screen TV will be lost – and you don’t want to move your head from side-to-side to be able to catch all the action on the screen.


51-plasma_tv_SamsungHigher refresh rate for gaming

The standard refresh rate in plasma TVs is 60Hz, but there is no significant blurring of the image. However, when you opt for a plasma TV with a higher refresh rate, the images are much better. If you are in the habit of playing games on your TV, then you need a plasma TV with a refresh rate of at least 120Hz. Otherwise, you will not get a great gaming experience. Considering every activity that you will indulge in using your TV, 120Hz is the least refresh rate you should consider.


Contrast ratio – an important criteria

When you browse through the list of plasma TVs, keep the contrast ratio in mind. A higher contrast ratio means more detailing and subtler hues and shadows. However, don’t only focus on the contrast ratio specified by the manufacturers because all of them have different specifications as far as this aspect is concerned. It is best to experience the TV yourself before opting for a purchase.


Create your home theatre

To create that home theatre like experience at home, get the right sound system and connect it with your plasma TV. This is a great option to add especially if you watch the sports channels on a regular basis. To ensure compatibility, you may opt for the same manufacturer for both your TV and your sound system, but this statement is not absolute. You can easily buy other compatible sound systems.


Compare plasma TVs

Research and compare plasma TVs before you buy. All the large TV manufacturers offer a selection of plasma TVs and you should compare the display and the price. Options in Sony, LG and Samsung TV are usually the best, but there are plenty of other plasma TV brands that can be equally good, if not better. When you browse through the list of plasma TVs, you will not get as many options as you could have got earlier on, but there are still some models that you can choose from. After all, who doesn’t want to save money on buying TVs?


Which plasma TVs for which use?

If you are interested in Samsung plasma TVs, the best models for you to consider are Samsung PN60F8500, Samsung PN60F5500 and Samsung PN51F5500.


LG also manufactures plasma TVs and the TV models of this company are as good as Samsung TVs. Two LG models that stand out are LG 50" PLASMA 1920X1080 HDTV 3 HDMI and LG 60" CLASS 1080P FULL HD PDP HDTV.


In 1080p plasma TVs, the bestselling model in Canadian online stores is LG 60" CLASS 1080P FULL HD PDP HDTV. If you think a 720p plasma TV is good enough for you, opt for TH-50PH30U 4XEM 50" Plasma / 720p 1 000 000:1 / 2 HDMI.

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