Apple iPad 3 32GB WiFi

Apple iPad 3 32GB WiFi

Apple iPad 3 32GB WiFi Review

  • 4.7 / 5
    • The good:
      Great entertainment feature, Fast action, Long battery life, Easy to use and setup
    • The bad:
      Thicker and Heavier than iPad 2, Pricier, Eats up storage capacity

    The Apple iPad 3 32GB is the robust machinery which is known for its very high standard and expensive quality. The Apple, being its developer, ensures the superb performance of the brand. It has the sleek design which is both handy and durable. The graphical content and quality it has is sure to give a top of the line excellence which is undoubtedly true for all Apple inventions.

    However, when it comes to tablets such as this, you cannot be truly assured of the fact that it will give you everything. That is because this is a tablet and not a laptop and you could not expect to be able to use applications like Microsoft Office Word and things like that. The Retina display, however, can have bad assets due to the fact that it can take too much of the space of the tablet's storage and may need a longer time for it to charge up. So if you do not care about it and just want something that will probably look more sleek and have a better specification list, then go for it.

    Still, on the bright side; and the good side, this offers the legendary quality looked up by other tablet creators. It has the superb innovations like the Retina display that is astonishingly stunning and the battery life goes way overboard. This also gives you tons of app choices to choose from and play around with as it has a pretty much wider range of options.

    For camera lovers, those who are incessantly in need to take a picture anytime and anywhere, the Apple iPad 3 will give you the insatiable freedom to take lots of snapshots anytime and anywhere. It has the type of camera that can even be used on low lighted situations.

    On the drawback, the iPad 3 32GB does not have the needed ports and memory card slots. All it has is the cords you might need to connect your iPhone or other devices into it. As many of you will probably notice, and for the record, it is quite thicker than its previous version. Well, this is quite a shocker as most predecessors are thicker in form than its latest version. That is how it always goes but then again, it looks like the iPad 3 is trying to make an impression.


    The iPad 3 32GB is very ergonomic to use and setup. It has the fast transitions from one application to another which is somewhat superior to the usual inventions of the Microsoft which needs for the user to wait for a few minutes while it loads. The Apple iPad 3 will not take you too long, so you do not have to extend your patience in any way. Overall, the iPad 3 32GB has what it takes to turn lots of heads and give other devices a run for their money. Nevertheless, there are still lots of functions to be improved and lot of features that it can do without.

  • Product description
    • The Apple iPad 3 32GB WiFi is manufactured by Apple and was added in December 2014 in the Tablets section
    • This product has a rating of 4.7 out of 5