Nikon D7100

Nikon D7100

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    • D7100 DSLR Camera (Body Only, Refurbished)
    • D7100 DSLR Camera (Body Only, Refurbished)

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    • R8 365,08
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Nikon D7100 Review

  • 4.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Good build quality; High resolution; Continuous shooting feature
    • The bad:
      Not a good performer for shooting videos

    The Nikon D7100 digital camera is one of the favorites for semi-professional photographers and other photography enthusiasts. This digital camera has been considered an immediate upgrade of the Nikon D7000, praised for its solid build, good image standards and continous shooting function.


    Just like the Nikon D7000, this digital camera has quite a number of impressive features and performs as expected. The Nikon D7100 carries all the successive aspects of the Nikon D7000 and has more of its own new and better features. This is a camera that would not disappoint and would be great value for your money. The Nikon D7100 has a very large optical viewfinder. This means that even at very wide angles and very far distances you would be able to focus accurately and get very clear images.


    The battery life is also one other thing that is worth taking note of. The battery can last for up to 950 shots which is very impressive. You don’t have to carry two or more batteries when going out to the field. You can be sure that once fully charged the battery is sufficient and you can take as many pictures as possible. The LCD screen is passive for displaying dual command dials and settings. This is one of the things that distinguish this digital camera from the other cheaper digital cameras. The camera also has a twin SDXC card slots.


    This is a new technology and is something that you would not find in many other digital cameras of the same category. The body of the Nikon D7100 is very impressive. This digital camera has been built using magnesium alloy. The body is not only very attractive but also sealed from any effects of the weather such as rain and snow. This is characteristic of very expensive high end cameras as it is very stylish. There are a number of commands and some buttons at the control system. Nonetheless, one thing that is of importance is that this camera is very simple to use and the control system is extremely efficient. A lot of the control system commands have been simplified and you would really like it as it is easy to grasp and use the camera commands.


    This camera offers a very powerful resolution of 24 megapixels. It also dispenses low-pass filter in order to offer very clear detail and is also low on noise. The autofocus sensor can be set to 51 different points and is very sensitive. With this very high sensitivity, focusing has also been made easy and more precise. This also makes the camera more users friendly and efficient to use. The camera also has a continuous shooting feature. The continuous shooting speed is also quite impressive as it is quoted at 6fps. You can be able to take quite a number of clear and sharp images in a single second. This speed is quite okay for such a camera and is definitely an important addition. This is an excellent digital camera for the price.

  • Product description
    • The Nikon D7100 is manufactured by Nikon and was added in December 2014 in the Digital Cameras section
    • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5
    • The best price of the Nikon D7100 in South Africa is R8 365,08 at B&H photo
    • In South Africa this product is available in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria
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