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Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles ever but these consoles are good for nothing without Xbox One controllers. While Microsoft has made only one design change in the controller, it allows for upgrade to the new controller using simple methods. It is never too late to upgrade.


What to look for in Xbox One controllers?

Features of Xbox One controller

Xbox One controllers don’t have a single shape and size and hence, you should buy one as per your gaming requirement. There are some features that are unique for this controller. These are Trigger Rumble Motors, Plus-shaped D-Pad, Battery pack flush, Grip texture around the sticks, Haptic feedback triggers, Micro-USB port etc. It also has a much faster response time and great interactivity with the help of IR sensors.

Provisions of upgrading Xbox One controller

If you don’t have the latest Xbox One controller, you should look to either buy a new one or upgrade to the latest version. Upgrading can be done through your PC or through USB or wirelessly.

Accessories available for your Xbox One controller

You should also get the accessories for Xbox One controllers. The stereo headset adapter and the wireless adapter for Windows are the most popular accessories. The other two accessories you may want to consider are the chatpad and the controller play and charge kit.


How to choose an Xbox One controller according to your need?

Xbox One controller for Windows 10 and other OS

Depending on how you use your Xbox One, you need to buy the right kind of controller. The choices that are available include Xbox One controller Windows 10, Xbox One controller Android and RS l Xbox One controller Linux. As you can easily make out, these Xbox One controllers work with different operating systems.

Xbox One controller for PC Bluetooth connectivity

Wireless controllers for Xbox One have become highly popular because no player wants to deal with those connecting cables. You should buy an Xbox One controller PC Bluetooth, which can connect with your PC without any cable or wire. Just ensure that you are within the Bluetooth range.

Xbox One controller for limited period editions

From time to time, Microsoft releases special edition Xbox One controllers. Some of the notable releases include Microsoft Employees Controller, Launch day Controller, Titanfall limited edition controller, Armed Forces special edition controller and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare limited edition controller. These make for great collection items too.


What are the most popular Xbox One controllers?

The Microsoft Xbox One wireless controller comes with new impulse triggers for precise fingertip feedback, giving you a more realistic experience. The thumb-sticks, D-pad and contours are more streamlined for more comfort and precision.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider (Xbox One) is a versatile controller for racing games. It is a racing wheel licensed by Ferrari and enhances your gaming experience. Made of durable rubber, this controller lasts for years while being extremely responsive.

Mad Catz Rock Band 4 Wireless Pro-Drum Kit for Xbox One has four durable drums pads, plus crash, metal reinforced kick pedal and ride and hi-hat cymbals.



Opt from the bestselling Xbox One controllers and your gaming experience will be immensely happening. To know the details of all the controllers that Microsoft has launched, research online. While researching, also make sure you compare the prices across the online stores so that the best controller is yours within your budget.

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